Monday, December 26, 2011

Don't Put Me in a Box

"Don't put me in a box I'm not dead yet."  I drew this cartoon in 1995. It was part of the Green Dragon Exhibit.*

Heh. I wouldn't mind being part of a boxed set, a gift package which people give for presents.
I like presents.

I'm uploading this because . . . . .It's December 26 - Boxing Day. The Day after Christmas.

 Boxing Day comes from the UK tradition of the 1% boxing up some of their excess and giving it to their servants. It's a "NO banking" day. It's a shop til you drop day, stuck in traffic day as consumers descend upon their bargains after Greedmas.

Since nobody is actually reading this, I can say anything I want. I can doodle like no one is watching.... Am I a like the tree falling in the makes what kind of sound? If I were the tree I would be making a loud scream. The Universe will hear me - even if no one else does. So, when I sing a song  I'm singing for the Universe. That's a pretty big audience doncha think?

Which brings me to why I'm doing this blog.  I've been reading Seth Godin again. ("All Marketers are Liars") He inspired me to look up the passwords for this blog which I have ignored for over a year.   Maybe it's more like being a mailbox in a forest, like the gazillions of other websites out there: who knows that I am here?

It's past due for all these cartoons in boxes in storage to come out and pay their own way. I've got nearly a thousand of them in various stages of disarray. Shape up - ship out.

*In my next post I might explain what happened at the Green Dragon. I might even mention you by name. Or NOT.

 Anyone hear the tree fall?