Wednesday, April 24, 2019


Since the death of my husband Nik Green, I have tiptoed back into life again, as the tsunamis have become more like ripples with the occasional rogue wave.  The grief of losing one's best friend, musical and life partner, lover, husband of 22 years was quite devastating.

During the time I was a full time caregiver, I put everything on hold -- my books, book signings, music, our dreams together.  Completing the book "Goodbye Yellow Butterfly" as a tribute to Nik has been part of my healing process.  I expect to be finished with the album of my original songs to accompany that book by midsummer.  I am still awaiting a few more tracks from the guitarist.  Late in 2018, I  completed Nik's first solo album for him, "Now and Ever Shall Be" which I promised him on his death bed.  One of the pieces on this album "Tarantula on a Wedding Cake" was performed at his Memorial by two members of the State Street Ballet and an ensemble from Summer Solstice Celebration.

Now it's time for me and my Little Savage again!   I have three books available on and I'm working on the fourth book "This is NOT a Book" which has outtakes and musings and more words than all the other three books combined.   My goal with the other three books was to have a few words as possible. Besides cartoons and words, this new book will contain some "art exorcises" to inspire and inpiserate creativity.  

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So I'm getting out of my rut, although it was a valuable and necessary part of my life -- and getting back into my Little Savage groove!