Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Channeling My Comic Self.

My housemate said she thinks I’m a cartoon.  Does this mean she think's I’m not living in the real world?

Well, I don’t like the Real World, but I especially don’t like Digital World - where I can be replicated perfectly.  That's identity theft.

How many hours a day do you spend in front of a two-demensional device replying to digital bits and bytes?   Does what goes on in digital reality stay in digital reality?   Really?  Is it real? How do you know?  When the digital world becomes holographic and virtual reality seems more real than reality, what will be true?

I don't believe in digital reality  Even hard copy isn't proof that it exists.  Hard copy is a print out of a bunch of ones and zeros organized in a machine to represent something -  merely a symbol - not the actual reality. Digital world is living on the bleeding edge of non existence.  One giant degaussing and POOF! All gone. 
I prefer to live in Analog World, where things are wavy and bendy.   I am hand-made, raw, unhomegenized

I am channeling my comic Self.   Reality is what I can get away with.

I really do like being a cartoon.  

From "This is NOT a Coloring Book" Complete Edition ©2015 Penny Little

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