Friday, January 20, 2012

The HOLE Truth

Little Savage had this conversation with planet earth way back in 1995. Earth here is looking like a mutant with a couple major HOLEs in the Ozone layer.  In 2011, signs of ozone hole recovery were spotted in the Antarctic - bouncing back after the phase out of chlorofluorocarbons aka CFC’s.  Remember CFCs?  CFCs were in refrigerators, propellants and solvents.  They were banned because once they get into the atmosphere they rip a hole in the Ozone layer and continued to do so because CFC’s are not used up in the chemical reaction.  Without the protective ozone layer,  we'd be crispy critters -- sunburned in under 5 minutes with increasingly exponential rates of skin cancers.  Just ask the Australians about their skin cancer epidemic....    This story has a happy ending.   It is possible to reverse damage by making needed changes.  Those who argued against regulation and banning were mostly corporations who felt their bottom lines would hurt.  Ouch, I really feel for their tuches.    Hey, let’s not worry about future generations.  They have no rights.  They haven’t even been born yet.   Why should we care if future generations have a healthy ecosystem, food, and an environment with breathable air and drinkable water?  We won't be around.  After all, it’s not like we’re terrorists planting a bomb in the heart of NYC, setting it to explode in the year 2065, is it?  Just give us the HOLE TRUTH!  (Let's talk truth -- not vested interests -- about global dimming and geo-engineering....)

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