Monday, January 16, 2012

Little Savage Emerging Emergencies

Why does everything emerge at once?


The Little Savage ™ does not appear to be thinking about “emergence” in the sense that complex systems and patterns emerge through a web of interactions, or a process of self organization. Perhaps she is still caught in the reactionary principal - inaction until confronted with the impending emergency.   And she has her panic button handy, just in case the emergence gets a bit too overwhelming. 
Snowflakes are emergent. 
Water turning to steam as it heats up is emergent
Whirlpools in a stream are emergent.

Are emergencies forcing us to emerge into a new way of being?   Everything is speeded up.  Time is not linear.  It's a spiral, it's a roller coaster ride, and we got our tickets for it when we were born.    

A poet on the street recently said to me as he passed me by:  “Welcome to this moment!”
Could it be we’re transforming? Caterpillars are transformers.  Maybe we are just cocooned, waiting for the moment.  Maybe we aren’t.  But it sure feels like when there’s an emergence or emergency, where is our roadmap or instruction manual?  It transforms, evolves, emerges moment by moment..   And we don’t have time for the bullshit anymore.   Have fun emerging!

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